the center for altenative media is the very beginnings of my archivism attempts. over the next 10 years, I will attempt to amass one of the largest collections of alternative and underground media. goal: 100,000 items of unique media to be in the archive. the archive will attempt to chronicle all forms of underground and alternative media, but my focus is alternative and underground media in san francisco and the surrounding bay area. so... what does this look like now? how can you contribute - interact - help?


the deadcrow center accepts any and all kinds of donations. email for more information


the deadcrow center is open to trading. my trading system is basically determined by multiple factors - how much I want something, how accesible it is, and how much it costs. the items I have available are not available for sale, only trade. i use a measuring system of asterisks, (*) to determine this. so, if there are two items that I want that you have, with 4 asterisks each, e.g. Berkeley Barb (any) (*****) & It Ain't Me, Babe (only) (****), and I have an item with 8 asterisks that you want, e.g., wants:

available for trade

American Splendor #6 (**)

Baloney Moccasins (only) (****)

george dicaprio script. (leo's dad) laurie anderson art.

Chicago Mirror #1 (*******)

underground magazine autumn 1967 ed. Jay lynch. predates Zap #1. early skip williamson, art spiegelman, jay lynch. L. Ron Hubbard article on scientology. miscellaneous other articles, poems, photography.

Chemical Imbalance Magazine Vol 2. No. 1 (****)

new york, '89. Mike mcGonigal and steve cerio, editors. charles burns interview. joe coleman interview. charles burns cover. pettibon comic. Y5P5 comic. sandlin art. cerio art. victor brauner portfolio. rare lance bangs article. etc.

The New Idea (***)

university of wisconsin madison magazine. poems, articles, etc. '62

Witzend #4 (*****)

Michael Hurley - Boone and Jocko in Jesus Saves (**********)

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